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  • The Iron Disorders Institute Guide to Hemochromatosis
  • The Hemochromatosis Cookbook: Recipes and Meals for Reducing the Absorption of Iron in Your Diet
  • Living with Hemochromatosis
  • The Official Patient’s Sourcebook on Hemochromatosis
  • The Bronze Killer : New Edition
  • Exposing the Hidden Dangers of Iron: What Every Medical Professional Should Know About the Impact of Iron on the Disease Process
  • 21st Century Ultimate Medical Guide to Hemochromatosis – Authoritative Clinical Information for Physicians and Patients (Two CD-ROM Set)
  • Hemochromatosis: Genetics, Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Cooking With Less Iron: Easy-To-Prepare, Reasonably Priced Meals That Reduce the Amount of Iron in Your Diet

The Iron Disorders Institute Guide to Hemochromatosis

Book 1More than one million Americans suffer from Hemochromatosis, and most have to suffer through misdiagnoses and multiple doctor visits before finding the right treatment. If left untreated, Hemochromatosis can lead to heart attack, diabetes, cirrhosis, or cancer. Written by top medical researchers and experts, this comprehensive and reliable guide dispels the myths, explains the basic science behind the disease, and provides clues for diagnosis. It also includes inspiring case studies, treatment options, common questions, advocacy resources, and more. The number-one bestselling and most comprehensive guide, now updated with the latest scientific research The popular first edition has net sales of more than 11,000 copies; second edition is updated with the latest research More than one million Americans suffer from classic Hemochromatosis The CDC estimates people with Hemochromatosis are misdiagnosed 67% of the time and see an average of three doctors before a successful diagnosis

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The Iron Disorders Institute Guide to Hemochromatosis Reviews

Review by kay cash:
Book 2The Iron Disorders Institute “Guide to Hemochromatosis” is a cogent book. The cover gets ones attention immediately, as it lists the symptoms on the cover. When my daddy died on July 4, 2000, I had never heard of Hemochromatosis, I am 57. He was diagnosed, too late, on July 1, 2000. After a zillion hours of searching the Internet about Hemochromatosis, I came away very angry about this “most common genetic disorder, because it is basically unknown by the layman and underdiagnosed by the medical profession, 1/250 have it and don’t know it, and 1/10 carry the gene,” per the CDC. (Many professionals still call it a “rare old man’s disease.”) Excuse me, but women have Hemochromatosis also. All that was needed was for my daddy to have had an early diagnosis, and give blood to reduce his iron level. This book is the most comprehensive and up-to-date information that the layman can read about Hemochromatosis. And the layman had better read it, because their doctors don’t know about its prevelence, and many don’t know to test for it. Instead the doctors continue to “well-meaningly” treat the patient’s symptoms. Simple blood tests that are described in the book, can diagnose Hemochromatosis. The individual must arm themselves with this book’s information and help educate their doctor. In fact, I have bought “Guide to Hemochromatosis” for a few doctors.
Review by Cheryl Mellan:
Book 2I am absolutely delighted with the Iron Disorders Institute “Guide to Hemochromatosis”!It has been three years since our family first heard the word “hemochromatosis”,  and in that time I have searched public and hospital libraries as well as the Internet in an attempt to find factual, non-partisan, current information; comprehendible by a layperson. I have sifted through clinical information beyond my level of understanding, as well as reams of half-truths, non-truths and sheer conjecture. What an education, at such an affordable price! I sincerelyappreciate the fact that the Iron DisorderS Institute has offered the knowledge that there are MANY disorders of iron metabolism,
not ONLY the one that genetically affects our family. They have offered education in the form of charts, diet and nutritional information; COMPLETE understandable clinical information.The CDC tells us “Approximately one of every 200 to 400 people is affected, while one in 10 is a carrier making this one of the most common of the known genetic disorders in the United States”. Sadly, it is one of the most MISSED diagnoses. With educational materials like this book offered by experts in the field, I feel hope and confidence that my husband will successfully deal with his diagnosis; our daughters will never experience what their dad has because of their KNOWLEDGE; and for our grandchildren, iron overload will be something they deal with through lifestyle choices and yearly monitoring – it will never hurt them. Perhaps most important, what a gift to an unsuspecting public, so many of whom carry this genetic mutation, and have yet to find that illusive, lifesaving diagnosis!My most sincere thanks!
Cheryl Mellan,

The Hemochromatosis Cookbook: Recipes and Meals for Reducing the Absorption of Iron in Your Diet

Book 3Hemochromatosis is one of modern medicine’s greatest oversights. An inherited metabolic iron disorder, it is most common in people of Northern European descent and most prominent in North America among the Scotch-Irish. For people with metabolic iron disorders, controlling the intake of iron contributes to wellness and the prevention of such chronic diseases as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, liver disease, impotence, and depression. The Hemochromatosis Cookbook is written specifically for those who suffer from such iron disorders. It has chapters on all of the traditional categories found in most cookbooks: appetizers, salads, fruits and vegetables, main courses and casseroles, breads and muffins, and desserts. In addition, The Hemochromatosis Cookbook is characterized by the following: Easy-to-prepare, reasonably priced recipes that impede the body’s absorption of iron Food values and tips suggesting substitutions for reduced fat, sodium, and sugar Helpful menu planning for busy schedules, cooking for company, or cooking for two Diet plans for a typical week, including meals that can be prepared ahead of time and frozen A shopping checklist with reminders about iron content A chart showing the iron contents of common foods and vitamin supplements A general explanation of iron imbalances, such as hereditary hemochromatosis, acquired iron overload, and anemia

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The Hemochromatosis Cookbook: Recipes and Meals for Reducing the Absorption of Iron in Your Diet Reviews

Review by A. M. Murphy:
Book 14I bought this book for my daughter’s boyfriend that was diagnosed with hemochromotosis quite a few years back. He along with my daughter are thrilled with the book (he’s the cook). In the first part of the book there is a deep enough explanation of the disorder that is written in layman’s terms.When it first arrived, I flipped through and was quite surprised at how many recipes are in it and was amazed at how many recipes called for tea.It seems to have opened up a new world for him. He eats well, sticks to the diet and has been exercising. The last time I saw him he looked like he was in tip-top shape. Of course he still goes for his blood-letting sessions, but he has also taken charge of his diet and overall health.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that has this disorder or has a loved one that does. Great gift item!

Review by Rusty:
Book 14I would have liked to see the tuna salad recipe on page 109. Page 109 has a duplicate of the potato salad recipe on page 108. I wrote the publisher and got another copy of potato salad. Overall, the information is helpful and the recipes a good mixture of easy and more complicated. The nutrition breakdown for each one is very useful.

Living with Hemochromatosis

One of the most common genetic disorders in America is also one of the most frequently misdiagnosed. But anyone who has just learned they have hemochromatosis will have lots of questions: How did I get it? Can I pass it to my children? How can I avoid organ damage? The answers are in Living with Hemochromatosis by Dr. Gregory T. Everson and Hedy Weinberg. Over 30 million people in the United States carry the gene for hemochromatosis, and almost 2 million have developed the condition. Hemochromatosis, also known as “iron overload” or “bronze diabetes,” causes the body to retain much more iron than it should. Because it is often not diagnosed until the patient is over 40 years old, the long-term iron buildup can damage not only cells and tissues, but also larger organs including the heart and liver. But there is hope. Living with Hemochromatosis guides patients through the whole spectrum of this condition, from early to delayed diagnosis, and answers their questions. It contains valuable information about recognizing the signs and symptoms of hemochromatosisÐand why it is frequently misdiagnosed. Living with Hemochromatosis also offers advice about genetic testing, and how to interpret the results. There is up-to-date information about treatment options, including phlebotomy, liver transplants, and new areas of research. The authors provide patients and their families with guidance on coping with the physical, emotional, and financial issues, as well as nutritional recommendations and much more. 25 b/w photos.

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Living with Hemochromatosis Reviews

Review by Kathryn E. Dunklebarger:
Book 4On page 34, second paragraph, the author states unequivically, that two mutations of H63D do not cause HH. The author is way behind the times. My father was genetically tested in 1999 for mutations that cause HH. He had been diagnosed with HH in 1998. His results showed that he had two mutations of H63D. In case anyone questions the results, the tests were done at Kimball Genetics in Denver, Colorado (800-320-1807). The genetics counselor who spoke with my father about his results said that a year earlier (1998), his diagnosis of HH would have been thrown out because it was thought that you could only get HH from the C282Y mutation. In the last five years, genetics research has discovered more mutations that may cause or affect iron overload. The Iron Disorders Institute’s book, Guide to Hemochromatosis, speaks about H63D causing hemochromatosis, and the copyright on that book is 2001. The author of this book is inexcusably behind the times. He is at the University of Colorado, yet Kimball Genetics in Denver, Colorado, had information five years ago that disproves what he put in his book. The Iron Disorders Institute had information two years before this book was published that disproves what he put in his book. Readers beware!! Please research what you read in this book!
Review by Deborah MacGillivray:
Book 4I was diagnosed with HHC, laughingly called the Celtic Curse because it can strike people of Scottish and Irish ancestry, there was not a lot of information out there about it. One in four people can carry the gene that causes the body to store too much iron in the deep muscle tissue, kidneys, liver and heart. It can be fatal if not caught. This book helps those find a way to live with this problem.When I learnt I suffered from this, I had not heard of it, no one I knew had it. However, within in the last five years, many people I know are aware of a friend or family member that now has it. It often mimics many other health problems, so it’s good to get early treatment and have books such as this one that help you manage your lifestyle.

The Official Patient’s Sourcebook on Hemochromatosis

Book 5This book has been created for patients who have decided to make education and research an integral part of the treatment process. Although it also gives information useful to doctors, caregivers and other health professionals, it tells patients where and how to look for information covering virtually all topics related to hemochromatosis (also Bronze Diabetes; Cirrhosis, congenital pigmentary; Familial Hemochromatosis; Hemochromatosis Syndrome; Hemosiderosis; Iron Overload Disease), from the essentials to the most advanced areas of research. The title of this book includes the word official. This reflects the fact that the sourcebook draws from public, academic, government, and peer-reviewed research. Selected readings from various agencies are reproduced to give you some of the latest official information available to date on hemochromatosis. Given patients’ increasing sophistication in using the Internet, abundant references to reliable Internet-based resources are provided throughout this sourcebook. Where possible, guidance is provided on how to obtain free-of-charge, primary research results as well as more detailed information via the Internet. E-book and electronic versions of this sourcebook are fully interactive with each of the Internet sites mentioned (clicking on a hyperlink automatically opens your browser to the site indicated). Hard-copy users of this sourcebook can type cited Web addresses directly into their browsers to obtain access to the corresponding sites. In addition to extensive references accessible via the Internet, chapters include glossaries of technical or uncommon terms.

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The Official Patient’s Sourcebook on Hemochromatosis Reviews

Review by Rosemary Cloak:
Book 6WOW! sooo much info in one book! Well worth the money. Some info is a little dated, but if you call the organizations, they’ll send you updated info. User friendly. Not only used for hemochromatosis. Listings for different medical conditions also found. Good for all levels of knowledge. **** book!
Review by Trud1:
Book 6Its about time there that a technical book about Hemochromatosis was available. I found that this book was both scientific and extremely readable. This is by far the best text i have read on the topic.

The Bronze Killer : New Edition

Book 7Hemochromatosis — not too many people know the definition of the word or realize just how deadly a disease it can be. Marie Warder found out first hand when her husband became sick. For six years, she watched as his eyesight deteriorated, his personality changed and he grew sicker. Finally, a doctor diagnosed the problem: an overload of iron in his body. Luckily, it was caught in time and he was bled a gallon of blood per month to save his life. In The Bronze Killer, Warder provides much needed information about this common enemy, from recognizing its symptoms to stressing the importance of early detection and treatment. Recommended by physicians in many hospitals and also includes a layman’s reference on the disease, Iron…The Other Side of the Story!

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Price: $ 19.40

The Bronze Killer : New Edition Reviews

Review by john f (jack) connor:
Book 8Marie Warder in her outstanding book has done a great service to readers in pointing out the damaging effects of hemochromatosis. As one who has the condition, I found her book to be accurate, informative and inspirational. In Marie’s quest for awareness to this often mis-understood condition, she has done a great service to not only the medical community but for all who seek to know more about their health. An extra added dimension to the book is the inspiring way Marie has fought against immense odds to bring awareness of hemochromatosis to countless number of people. I highly recommend this book. I also thank and applaud Marie Warder for her courage in her heroic efforts in fighting this disease and for writing her book–the story that had to be told.
Book 8This book is about the killer disease Hemochromatosis (HH) and should be compulsory reading, not only for medical practitioners, but also for sufferers, their immediate relatives, their carers, those interested in hereditary disorders and last but certainly not least by those relatives of sufferers who, for whatever reason, have chosen not to be tested. It is this final group who may owe most to this book – their own lives!To the reader, it becomes so clear that this hereditary disorder and the deadly diseases it can spawn thrive on a camouflage of ignorance.Reading the book set me thinking that every year millions are being spent by the Medical Authorities in the treatment of diseases. Many of these diseases are actually the end result of hemochromatosis which renders the human body incapable of ridding itself of excess iron (“The Bronze Killer”) and thus leads to the onset of so many potentially fatal illnesses. It follows that investment in screening for HH should literally save the Medical Authorities substantial sums, not to mention saving the patients and their relatives from so much suffering!The preface to the book contains the following citations:”Thousands of families around the world have already found this book to be a valuable resource. More than just the personal account of a family who have suffered through the ravages of this terrible disease, it has been a source of information, encouragement and enlightenment to many.””Through Marie’s research and most noted book “The Bronze Killer”, she has educated doctors and the general public about the disease. As a result, hemochromatosis is now recognised as Canada’s most common genetic disorder, and routine blood tests for the disease may soon become standard diagnostic procedure.”Having obtained a copy of this book (difficult in the UK), I have found this the most compulsive read I have ever encountered. I could not put the book down and read it from cover to cover!.It is clear that, even today, this hereditary disorder remains shrouded in mystery, even in the so called “developed world”.The new (2000) edition of this book is written in three sections; the first tells of the struggle of the author (who first coined the phrase “The Bronze Killer”) and of her husband Tom who suffered the full effects of HH both before and after he was diagnosed. This part also tells of Marie’s struggle for recognition of HH and the setting up of the Hemochromatosis Societies in Canada , South Africa and subsequently the International Association of Societies.In the second part the editor brings forward the developments of the fight from 1988 to October 1999 and in the third part reproduces a booklet written by Marie and entitled “IRON The other side of the story!”In my view this final document is the definitive layman’s guide to “Hemochromatosis – The insidious killer”.It is said that “knowledge is power”, but in the case of hemochromatosis, it could be said that “knowledge is life!”If you are a medical practitioner, if you have HH, if you are related to someone who has HH or if you are interested in hereditary disorders, this book is for you. Knowledge and awareness gained from this book may literally save lives!David of Hertfordshire, UKNotes: 1. Quotes from the book are with kind permission of the author Marie Warder. 2. Hemochromatosis is spelt Haemochromatosis in the UK, Australia and South Africa and is referred to as GH not HH in the UK.The Bronze Killer – New Edition 2000 Author: Marie Warder Publisher: Imperani Publishers Box 82, Delta, British Columbia. Canada ISBN 0968735800.

Exposing the Hidden Dangers of Iron: What Every Medical Professional Should Know About the Impact of Iron on the Disease Process

Book 9Iron is one of the most frequently purchased over-the-counter supplements, second only to vitamin C and calcium. The danger is that, once absorbed, iron can only be excreted in minute amounts of less than one milligram a day (or by heavy blood loss), and excess iron collects in a person’s vital organs, thus, setting the disease process under way. As organs literally rust away, patients can experience early death by heart attack, arthritis, liver, pancreatic and colon cancer, increased infections, cirrhosis, diabetes, neurological problems, loss of hearing, tinnitus, depression, impotence, and infertility. Scientists have now discovered a connection to iron impropriety and Alzheimer’s, early onset Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, attention deficit disorder, and epilepsy. Exposing the Hidden Dangers of Iron is an excellent introduction for medical professionals to the intricacies of iron in the various body systems. Containing a practical guide to diagnosis, it also includes such subjects as the treatment and management of iron-loading conditions, excellent reference charts, a large glossary of terms, additional resources, contact and treatment centers, and a complete bibliography. Cutting edge scientific findings are summarized, complete with endnotes and references, about the devastation of excess iron on the liver, pancreas, gallbladder, spleen, adrenals, kidneys, bone marrow, arteries, heart, pituitary, joints, lungs, hearing, skin, vision, and the brain. Patients with iron-related disease, especially excess body iron, are often dismissed as hypochondriacs. Therefore, the book includes helpful information for the psychological and social implications of iron-related disease.

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Exposing the Hidden Dangers of Iron: What Every Medical Professional Should Know About the Impact of Iron on the Disease Process Reviews

Review by Cheryl Mellan:
I am so very pleased to recommend this book. The Iron Disorders Institute – and Dr. Weinberg, have “done it again”. While the book is geared towards medical professionals, I find it quite understandable as a layperson whose family is affected by hemochromatosis/iron overload. “Exposing The Hidden Dangers of Iron” takes up where “Guide to Hemochromatosis” lets off.Especially of interest to me is the in-depth education on how iron specifically effects each system of the body. The extensive information given on diagnosis and treatment is invaluable. The graphics are incredible.Dr. Weinberg is a leading expert in infectious disease and cancer. He is well known for his work which focuses on prevention of chronic disease by reducing iron levels by reducing intake of iron in diet and discontinuing contributive factors such as tobacco use and alcohol. His more than fifty years work in the field of iron’s relationship to cancer has earned him prestige and recognition worldwide. He is a pioneer in the field of iron studies, and has provided us with more than 350 articles and books devoted to iron. I have had the honor of hearing Dr. Weinberg speak in person numerous times, and have never failed to walk away richer for the experience. My expectations have not been disappointed with this excellent publication.

Review by Millicent Wodner:
This timely exposure of a truly hidden health hazzard is well written and can be clearly understood by people who are not medical professionals. It is a common sense guide on how to handle this problem of iron overload and most important how to prevent the problem from developing. Other books tend to be too technical or in some cases not detailed enough in their investigative coverage. This book is just right in terms of giving enough clear coverage.

21st Century Ultimate Medical Guide to Hemochromatosis – Authoritative Clinical Information for Physicians and Patients (Two CD-ROM Set)

Book 10This up-to-date and comprehensive set of two CD-ROM discs provides a superb collection of official Federal government documents on the subject of hemochromatosis. Hemochromatosis is an inherited disease in which too much iron builds up in your body. It is one of the most common genetic diseases in the United States. Iron is a mineral found in many foods. Your body normally absorbs about 10 percent of the iron in the food you eat. If you have hemochromatosis, you absorb more iron than you need. Your body has no natural way to get rid of the extra iron. It stores it in body tissues, especially the liver, heart and pancreas. The extra iron can damage your organs. Without treatment, it can cause your organs to fail. For patients, practical information is provided in clearly written patient education documents. For medical professionals, doctor reference tools and texts have detailed technical information and clinical background material. There is no other reference that is as fast, convenient, and portable – everything you need to know, from the federal sources you trust. This thoroughly researched collection presents vital information from many authoritative sources: Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the relevant institute for this disease, and others. In addition to the comprehensive disease-specific coverage, this disc set also includes our Medical Encyclopedia, a .95 value! The Encyclopedia presents a collection of official documents about a wide range of medical topics, diseases, illnesses, health and wellness. There is vital information from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), National Cancer Institute, and more. Topics covered include: major diseases, including cancer, heart and vascular disease, stroke, blood diseases and disorders, lung diseases, and neurological disorders

List Price: $ 25.00
Price: $ 25.00

Hemochromatosis: Genetics, Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Treatment

Book 11Once considered a rare condition, hemochromatosis is now acknowledged as one of the commonest inherited disorders, affecting one in two hundred people of Western Caucasian descent and in the U.S. alone, over one million people. This is the most comprehensive clinical reference yet on hemochromatosis. The international team of 94 authors from twelve countries includes specialists in internal medicine, hematology, hepatology, genetics, biochemistry, and molecular biology. In 57 in-depth chapters they cover all aspects of pathophysiology, epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment. The text thoroughly explains the latest developments in the genetics of the disorder, including sections on screening, diagnostic techniques, and clinical complications. In addition, chapters consider social and ethical issues. With over 200 illustrations–including 40 color plates–this is today’s definitive resource for all clinicians involved in the management of hemochromatosis, and for scientists interested in iron metabolism and iron overload.

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Price: $ 291.08

Cooking With Less Iron: Easy-To-Prepare, Reasonably Priced Meals That Reduce the Amount of Iron in Your Diet

Book 12Hemochromatosis is one of modern medicine’s greatest oversights. An inherited metabolic iron disorder, it is most common in people of northern European descent and most prominent among Scotch-Irish. For people with metabolic iron disorders, controlling one’s intake of iron contributes to wellness and the prevention of such chronic diseases as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, liver disease, impotence, and depression. Cooking With Less Iron is designed specifically for those who suffer from such iron disorders. It has chapters on appetizers, salads, fruits and vegetables, main courses (including casseroles), breads and muffins, and desserts.

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List Price: $ 18.95

Cooking With Less Iron: Easy-To-Prepare, Reasonably Priced Meals That Reduce the Amount of Iron in Your Diet Reviews

Review by Cheryl Mellan:
Book 13The Iron Disorders Institute has served up a heaping helping of EXCELLENCE with “Cooking With Less Iron”!Despite popular opinion that “diet does not count” in controlling iron, I’ve long been mindful of my Hemochromatosis husband’s diet. How could it not count? If you want to lose weight, you monitor fats and calories. If you’re a diabetic, you monitor sugars and carbohydrates. If you’re a heart patient, you monitor fats and cholesterol. If you happen to have Iron Overload……YOU MONITOR IRON!Once again, the Iron Disorders Institute has reigned with a cool head and educational approach. “Iron is an essential nutrient, human beings could not survive without it. We can enjoy the BEST of health when all nutrients are in balance and adequate amounts are available for normal body function without creating harmful excesses”.What an education the book offers with regard to metabolism, iron absorption and diet! There are so many things, even a “true believer” like myself did not know (nor had I thought of)! Marinating flank steak in a mixture that includes coffee??
Boil pasta in water that contains brewed tea?? Far beyond the “basics” I’ve learned so many “tricks” that allows my husband a terrific, tasty menu, containing the iron he needs to remain healthy, and excluding excess iron to add to his stores.I’ve tried many recipes before offering an opinion, and all have been absolutely wonderful. Anything BUT bland and boring, and I especially appreciate the graphics for each and every recipe that tell me exactly which ingredients are substances that inhibit the absorption of non-heme iron. I find myself thinking of just that educational tool while preparing other traditional family recipes! I am learning!!Hemochromatosis is forever, as are those maintenance phlebotomies
to regulate stored iron. This is exactly the kind of tool that can help us extend the period between needed extractions! Thank you so much IDI, you did it again!! (More please!)
Review by David Garrison:
Book 13I have Hemochromatosis and I was unable to enjoy many foods because of the disorder, now because of this book, I can cook quality food, that tastes good and is healthy for my body. Iron overload is no fun, and from my personal opinion it seems to be Cheryl Garrison and Iron Disorders Institute that have given the best advice. Thanks for the advice.